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The Electromagnetic Heart

Best Friends

The heart has an electromagnetic field. A field is an area of space in which every point in the field is affected by a force, or energy. An electromagnetic field is a filed that contains both electric and magnetic force. The presence of both, is due to the movement of electric components within the field. 

Heart Physics

The heart continually creates pulses, or waves, of electromagnetic rhythms. 65% of the heart's mass is composed of neurons making electric pulses, and 45% muscle, that contracts then relaxes to send oxygenated blood through the body. The neurons are coordinated in part by pace maker regions, that act as command centres for the top part of the heart, and the bottom part of the heart. The command centres signal when to fire the neurons, and at what timing and pacing. Mitochondria act in networks to produce the energy needed for the muscles and neurons to fire, and create power grids throughout the architecture of the heart. The neurons, muscles, command centres, and mitochondria, act together to create what is currently called, the energetic heart.

The energetic grid of the heart, has been shown to make decisions independent of the brain, learning from new experiences, remembering, and making functional decisions independent of the brain.

As the heart beats, about 100,000 times per day, the electromagnetic field sends out pulses. The pulses can be measured in amplitude, or how high the waves of the pulses are. The amplitude correlates to the strength of the field. 

An electrocardiograph, or ECG or EKG, measures the heart's field. Compared with the measurements obtained by an electroencephalograph, or EEG, which measures the brain's electromagnetic field, the heart's field is 60 times stronger in amplitude. The heart emits a field measured as 50,000 femtoteslas, versus the less than 10 femtoteslas generated by the brain.

This heart field, permeates every cell in the body. Other people around you, are affected by your heart field, and you are affected by their heart fields. The heart field extends about 8 feet outwards from the heart, and then at lower strength, continues to extend outwards indefinitely. 

Brain rhythm patterns naturally, without effort, align with heart rhythms. Blood pressure and breathing rhythms, also synchronize to the heart's pulse. 

The rhythms of the energetic heart, or heart's electromagnetic field, change with different emotional states. When a person is anxious, frustrated, fearful, depressed, or angry, the rhythms become more fragmented, and this is associated with changes in something called the Heart Rate Variability, or HRV. The HRV, when narrow, is not very adaptive to stress or different events. It has a small range in which to move. When HRV is narrow, a person is more at risk for heart attack. When the HRV is wide, there is much more adaptability in the heart, and less risk of heart attack. Positive emotions, such as unconditional love, compassion, gratitude, expand the width of HRV, make the heart rhythm more coherent, and improve heart health. Positive emotions also improve mental clarity, emotional stability, and physiological efficiency.

Sustained positive emotions create a mode of heart rhythm that has a beautiful even sine wave pattern, and the field of the heart becomes overall more organized. This is seen to correlate with smoother running of the body systems, and more harmony in the body. Some research even indicates that humans might affect the electromagnetic field of the earth, when we unite to create positive emotion. Something interesting to think on, if you feel passionate about contributing to a more beautiful planet.





A mindfulness practice that you can do with the new information about your energetic heart, is to sit still and experience different states of the heart.


First, find a quiet space where you will not be interrupted. Take a moment to centre your self. Notice the breath, scan the body, pay attention to the moment. Bring your mind back to the breath, and keep returning the attention to the different aspects of the inhale and exhale, observing, rather than altering.

Now, bring your attention to your heart beat. Notice if it is slow or fast, strong or mild, regular or irregular at times. If it helps, place your finger on your pulse, or your hand over your heart. See if you can feel your heart rate in different areas of your body. Perhaps move your hands around the space around your body, as if you could feel the electromagnetic field generated by the heart.

Next, think of someone who loves you with complete love that is not conditional on anything. The someone may be a person, an animal, the experience of holding a baby, or a spiritual feeling. Allow the feeling of complete acceptance for who you are, and complete love for who you are, to be like a cloud of beautiful colour, that permeates every cell in your body. Then, notice the heart rate, notice the breath rate, notice the thoughts you are thinking. If you could sense the electromagnetic field you are giving off at that moment, what would it feel like to another person?

To observe variation, next think of something that you fear or that frustrates you. Notice as you do so, what happens to the heart rate, the breath rate, and the way you feel in your body. Again, f you could sense the electromagnetic field you are giving off at that moment, what would it feel like to another person?

Playfully, with curiosity, try some other emotions. Try sadness, anxiety, anger, happiness, contentment, gratitude, joy, confusion, worry, trust, kindness. Notice how your heart feels, what happens to the breath and heart rate, and see if you can sense the "vibe" you may be giving off.

In your next time with someone you love and care about, notice how his or her electromagnetic field might feel. If someone you love is getting upset, with negative emotion, try resonating a positive emotion within your self, and notice if that helps them shift somewhat. Try genuinely existing in a place of loving kindness, as you talk with her or him. See if that changes the response you have to them, or changes the thoughts that go through his or her mind. Studies have shown that a baby's heart beat and mother's brain waves synchronize. See if you can synchronize with those around you, to create a more positive and healthy state.




~ Dr. M.