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Pure Purpose


This question. How often do you ask this of your self? We take so little time to reflect in this day and age of multiple stimuli.

Take a moment. Just one moment. To sit quietly, sit still, close your eyes, and ask this question. Take the deep dive within.


  • without self inquiry, life loses meaning, is compass-less

  • meditation gives you super powers

  • open up to the possibilities

  • feel the feelings and let them subside into truth


Sometimes strong emotions take hold. They are telling you something. Take a moment to listen. Don’t act, don’t distract, just get very very very still. As if you are hunting in the woods, as every thought is like a step that needs to make no sound.

What is the emotion? If it is frustration, or annoyance, or even such a strong emotion as anger, then look for the sadness underlying. Bring compassion in for your self. Bring compassion in for another person or situation if that upsets you. Seek truth. Often upset is the sadness of something that was hoped to not being present. Look for strength, beneath the sadness. How might that strength show you what you do need - what can you give yourself permission for ?

Honour what it is that you need. Honour also what it is that you prefer, but may have no control over. Take a moment to contemplate this. Ask, from a higher sense of self, what is in the interest of the highest good, that also makes you feel even and calm. Look for the thing that allows you to be an agent of change on this planet, to make a difference in a beautiful and uplifting way.

Attachment. Notice what you may be attached to, in other words, what do you feel you absolutely need and can not do without, and yet, practically, you can actually do without. Take a huge step back and allow your self to simply be a present, breathing, human being on planet earth. Not under any current threat. Fed. Sheltered. With people that you are close to, or, if you are lonely, with people around you that you can meet and build connection with. Take that moment. Try letting go of anything that you are attached to, or any person that you are attached to, and see what your values and preferences are for you, right now, in the this moment, for you to live your highest self, your highest purpose, on planet earth, now.


What do you love?

What lights you up?

When do you have tonnes of effortless energy?

What puts you in a state of light and confident generousity because you feel so content?

Find this. From this place of Pure Purpose you can be a powerful agent of change in the world. You bring this gorgeous energy to all that you do. You will impact others in a positive way, and that will change the world, one person at a time.

Feel this. Feel it resonate within you as you sit still. Feel how this simply is, is present, without doing, without acting. Feel the potential of this, perhaps envision this unfolding into the future. Without any rush, or urgency, or need. Simple, pure, gradual, unfolding and enjoyment of living, breathing, acting daily, with purpose.

Write it down.


Surprisingly, or not so surprisingly, science is showing us that eating pure foods - foods that have not been processed or ground up or transported miles and miles of distance, but simply grown from the earth and then picked and then picked up to chop or cook into meals - science is showing us that eating pure foods is one of the best things we can do for our health.

Along with exercising daily for at least an hour, and drinking water.

It’s simple.

The same applies to you. Your psychology. Your inner world. Your mystery. What is pure You? What is your essence? Your You that makes you so wonderfully and magically unique and amazing? Elena Brower has built a business around the concept of “Practice You”. In a world filled to the brim with messages about how you should eat, sleep, talk, connect, work, play, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, it is So Worth taking the time to Practice You. To first listen. Notice. And then choose from this deep place of knowing and awareness. The place from where your eyes shine brilliant and your life becomes a sumptious adventure of new things that the real you, the Pure You, the you You, gets to sense, feel , hear, know, breathe, vibe, and align with. Your electromagnetic system. Your personality signature. All of the magic that makes you a gorgeous, confident, strong, vibrant, vital, noble, honourable, human being.

Try it. Right now. Take a minute. Feel in the centre of your heart what the Pure You feels like. Lightly, clearly, continue to focus on this and close your eyes for one minute. Feel that gorgeous beautiful handsome humm that is You.

Wishing you the best, always,

Dr. M. ~

Dr. Maia Love