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Professional Well Being and Burnout


Professionals study and train and work long hours with the goal of success. Success for some includes making the world a better place. Transforming a city, relieving suffering, improving health care or education, and the protection of human rights and well being, are just some of the ways professionals define success.

Unfortunately, in the climate of professional working conditions these days, many professionals are on the edge of burnout. Some are burned out and getting worse, approaching a state of significant prolonged anxiety or descending into the early stages of depression. When distress heightens or function becomes reduced, then attention needs to be given to change in order to prevent worse states of mind from evolving.

Success needs to also include, successful self care.


Burnout is a phenomenon with increasing focus. Experts in Burnout, the Mayo Clinic, Harvard, and Stanford are some of the centres developing services, tools, aps, and programs for preventing burnout, based on scientific studies that show what works, what doesn’t.

What is burnout? Simply put, burnout is a state of lower quality of your daily life, despite an ability to function. Less enjoyment. Less fun. Less curiousity. Less positive outlook.

There are many reasons for burn out. For example, our health care system is seeing more burnout in health care providers. 70% of residents across Canada are burned out, 50% of doctors. More doctors are leaving medicine than before. Rates of depression, suicidiality, and suicide are increasing. Doctors, like many other professionals, avoid identifying or seeking help because of an often subconscious or unconscious concern of not looking strong enough, good enough, and feeling shame for the depth of suffering that can often show up in the face of a struggling health care system, increased stress and acuity, increased time pressures, complexity of cases, etcetera.

Do you relate? You may not be a doctor, but you may have similar pressures in your job. Increased responsibilities, pace, workload expectations, acuity, complexity, and administration duties. Despite the massive increase in data and technology, many professionals are using technology to work even harder. In addition, working from home, losing sleep, neglecting exercise and relationships, and self care, are all too familiar results of burnout where the person starts to lose the joie de vivre, the life force energy and sparky step, that they used to have.

Maybe this is you, maybe this is a colleague.


So the next question is, how do you prevent burnout? There are a variety of approaches. the more you understand the science of wellness, and the importance of self care, the better. The more you take time to reflect, and accept, and commit to living aligned with your values and your very human and imperfect and beautiful powerful capacity, the better.

If you are interested in a wellness program, please feel free to book a 15 minute appointment with me through the contact form. We can discuss wellness program options through Illumine Life or some of my affiliated clinics. Or join me for a workshop! I am hosting workshops in the new year as part of a seven part series called THE RESET Workshop Series. Each workshop is limited to ten participants, and personalized wellness planning is included.

For professionals that think they may need more specialized support, due to insomnia, problems adjusting to a life change, grief, anxiety, acute stress, exposure to trauma, or a possible evolving depression, have your doctor inquire at the Chakra Health Clinic and fill out a referral form. At the Chakra Health Clinic, we are committed to providing working professionals a private and confidential space where support can be accessed in a more discrete manner.

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