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The Yoga Pose: Key to Enlightenment ?


Why choose Yoga?

There are so many forms of exercise, of movement, of meditation.

How does the yoga pose unlock your bliss?


PC: Illumine Health. Yoga mat and sun.

PC: Illumine Health. Yoga mat and sun.



A yoga pose is called an asana. Some of the poses have developed over 4000 years. Some were added by Russian gymnasts. Some poses have stories and mythology behind them. Others, are more modern.

The yoga pose is an ever evolving language and art form.

When you move into a yoga pose, there are necessities of alignment, but there is more. 

The more is the deeper yoga.

What you bring to the pose.

The way you move into the pose. The energy you bring into it. The mood. The story. The obstacles you feel and face in the body and mind. The freedom you feel when you overcome these. The strength that results. A quiet strength, Humble. Not for show. Internal. Ignited to serve you in the hours beyond the mat.



As you move into a pose, own it. Make it yours. Make it beautiful. Use the pose to confront your worst fears, your darkest hours. Shed these with the sweat that pours off of you. Meet your gaze in the mirror. Find the place within that is stronger than any fear, brighter than any darkness. Be an artist in the pose, mastering it with your wisdom. 



Your body. Your beautiful beautiful body. No matter its current state, size, stiffness, height, weight, whatever. This is your body. Your gift from the mystery that is life. Yours to care for, your to own. Mutable, changeable, just like your brain, your mood, your perspective on life.

Part of the magic of the yoga pose is coming back to the body. Leaving the realm of only the mind and returning to the body. Its mysteries. Its pains. Its hopes and fears. Learn your body like a garment that is forever on you. 

Slowly, gradually, day by day, shape your body into a beautiful home for your heart, your mind, your soul. 



Enlightenment. Such a strong word with many reactions.

But if you simply take it as feeling lighter, easier, less weighted down by the cares of the world, it's sweet simply in that meaning.

I leave you to create meanings beyond.



I write this after a gorgeous Monday yoga sojourn. Flow yoga then meditation then hot yoga. I feel centered, at piece, and thirsty. The way the poses ground me, the embodiment that Shivani Wells led us through, the sweat of the yyoga hot yoga practice. 

These ground me back to what really matters. The here and now. The opportunity, endless opportunity, to create a gorgeous form in which I live in. The potency of my choices: my diet, my movement practices, my people, my purpose, my sleep, my self view. All of these are choices that create epigenetic forces that modify my genes, that send ripples and cascades of hormones and neurochemicals through my mutable form like mini waterfalls shaping that land they traverse.


So writing to you, out there. May your yoga practice powerfully unlock your bliss.


Dr. M. ~