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Waterfall Cleanse: Brain Reset


You know that feeling when you stand in front of a waterfall and everything, just, releases?

Maybe you hiked through a sweaty day, scratched your hands with brambles, have tired fatigued muscles, and that aching feeling only intense exercise can bring. Your mind says, a little further, a little further, and you push onwards.

And then you Arrive.

You look up at the wall of crashing water. Your mind suddenly lets go of all extra thought. Your muscles release down towards the earth, pulled by gravity. Your skeleton re-aligns. And suddenly all you are is a human, in nature.

In a moment Sublime.

Imagine you could feel this every day.

PC :modified image from flickr flickkalinn

PC :modified image from flickr flickkalinn


For centuries, humans have been using waterfalls as sacred places to reconnect. To cleanse. To reset. To heal the mind.

Right now, imagine you are standing in the middle of a waterfall. It pours powerfully over you. Over your head and neck and shoulders. Shoulder and neck tension disappears. All the troubles from the day are washed away.

The image, the feeling, the experience is the inspiration for this mini-one-week cleanse for your optimal performance.


Power up with Movement to increase energy and mitochondria to optimize brain power. We know that when you exercise more, you increase healthy mitochondria in your body. Old mitochondria that don’t work as well die off. New mitochondria that produce ATP for energy, increase. Mitochondria exist in your brain cells and the cells of your nervous system. So it makes sense that movement would help your nervous system and brain work better.

To Do:

Break a sweat for one hour five times this week. Schedule it now. Start the first hour tomorrow.



Deepen Sleep to literally clean your brain cells with a few simple steps in the evening hours. While you sleep, star-shaped cells called astrocytes clean your brain, especially when you go into a deep sleep. Promote deep sleep by respecting circadian rhythms and the melanopsin system.

To Do:

Go to bed by 10:30 pm every night. Stop using a computer or cell phone or TV or any other blue screen light or overhead blue light at 7:30 pm. No stressful discussions after 7:30 pm, all worries get re-assigned to the next day. Use a warm shower or bath with aromatherapy to tone your parasympathetic nervous system. Use the bed only for sleep or sex. Don’t eat after 7:30 pm. Start tomorrow or in two days. Put a reminder in your cell phone to alarm at 7:30 pm.



Sync up brain rhythms and set the stage for brain growth with a Mindfulness practice. Maybe you are groaning right now because you think you can’t do it. Do it. Focus is power. Attention is power. Strengthen your focus. For one minute a day. Choose to practice with a focus on deep breathing that includes the diaphragm. Or choose to look at one point, like a small rock you hold in your fingertips. Follow the flicker of a candle flame. Play music while you practice. Or practice in a warm shower or bath.

To Do:

Start tonight. One minute. Be a rock star and practice one minute every morning, one minute every night. Set a reminder in your phone now.



Eat simply to clean the full for your brain’s mental marathons. No processed food. No sugar. Small amounts of healthy fats from olives, olive oil, avocado, avocado oil, nut butters, seed butters. That’s all. Protein several times a day. Vegetables vegetables vegetables. Fruit. Seaweeds for minerals. Small amounts of food every 4-6 hours so the brain isn’t starving, do your intermittent fasting another week. Stop eating after 7:30 pm. Drink 2-3 litres of water a day. Slow down on the caffeine. Avoid alcohol. Eat probiotics to balance your gut and potentially your mood. Don’t overload your body with food. Dare yourself to try it, just for one week.

To Do:

Go shopping tomorrow or tonight. Make a list of easy to chop vegetables for salads and roasts, healthy proteins, good fats as listed above, probiotic food, snacks for work, seaweed. to sprinkle on food. Wash your water bottles. Prep some carry items. Record what you eat so you can be proud of yourself later when you see the list. Write your list now.



Practice Strategic Breaks to reset the voltage of your brain. If you stay too long in problem-solving mode, you exhaust your brain. Set your alarm for a ten minute break every hour of your work day. During that hour, day dream. Day dream about a place you love, a person you love, an experience you had, an experience you wish to have, your best future version of yourself. Day dream a positive emotion like gratitude, kindness, compassion, happiness, joy, celebration. Really feel it in the centre of your chest, and in the limbs of your body. Imagine you can feel it in your spinal cord and brain. That it emanates into the air around you. Imagine your brain waves look like calm waves on a gentle lake. Slowed down. Smooth like silk. Full of beauty and brilliance.

To Do:

Set your alarm in your smart phone or watch or however you want to remind yourself to pause every hour for ten minutes during your work day. Now imagine your week ahead and how amazing you are going to feel, how on it your brain is going to be, how clean of excess thoughts and focused and clear your mind is going to feel. Take ten minutes and daydream now.

Wishing you the best always,

Dr. M. ~

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