Maia Love MD

maia love md


I am a practicing physician and creator of ILLUMINE®. Internationally certified in medicine and yoga, I combine mindfulness, neuroscience, psychotherapy, and wellness science in individual wellness sessions to help you optimize your mindset.

My passion is to help you create behaviour change to realize your goals. The aim is to anchor you as effortlessly as possible into a new mode of being, energized by your personal spark.


why create a wellness service?

I am fascinated by the connection between the mind and body. Seeing highly successful professionals struggle with stress, health issues, relationship challenges, and loss despite the structure of a meaningful life, has driven my long term interest in wellness planning. This eventually led to the creation of Illumine Health, a wellness service for people who struggle to find balance in the midst of success. As wellness services are different than psychiatric services, offering wellness sessions separately from my medical career allows me to use a myriad of skills and emerging evidence-based lifestyle choices to support those without a psychiatric diagnosis to find optimal wellness.

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  • Medical Degree | University of British Columbia

  • Psychiatry | University of British Columbia | Canada

  • Mindfulness Certification

  • Awards | BCMJ Authour | BrainTalks at UBC Director

  • Physics & Biology Degree | University of British Columbia

  • Dance Degree | Simon Fraser Contemporary Arts School

  • Bachelor of General Studies | Simon Fraser University

  • Honours English First Year | University of Western Ontario

  • Energy Medicine 3-year Mentorship | Alexina Mehta

  • Yoga Alliance Certified Instructor | Mike Nichols 200 hour | Meghan Currie 200 hour


experience informing wellness sessions

I deeply believe in being an effective guide to my clients, which means practicing what I teach. I have twenty years of experience in meditation and yoga with intermittent intensives. My love of researching the mind body connection includes studies in medicine with a focus on motivation, neuroradiology, and specializing in an additional five years of psychiatry. Neuroscience research interest led to research in Dr. William G. Honer's lab, a presentation at the Organization for Human Brain Mapping, and founding and directing BrainTalks at UBC. We now know that motivation comes from "emotional cognition", which deeply influences personal choice. When you understand your subconscious emotions, you can master your motivation. Studying emotional states during my choreography career in dance-theatre refined my skills in zeroing in on the key emotional state driving a behaviour or thought pattern. Combining the above knowledge and skills, helps me discern how you can surpass obstacles and truly embody what you intellectually know to be possible.


medical practice

I provide psychotherapy for high performance professionals through several clinics, and consult on wellness programs with collaborators in Vancouver and Tofino, BC, Canada.