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Attending Wellspring


I am very thrilled to have been invited to this wonderful innovative conference on wellness. Looking forward to classes like “Yoga and Mind Body Medicine: The Radiant Heart” with Eoin Finn and Lawrence Cheng, “Mind and Body Hacks for Energy” with Dave Asprey, and “Meditation for Extraordinary Performance” with Emily Fletcher.

Topics of interest that I will then share with clients and in future wellness programs include:

  • food and mood

  • connect to your core

  • essential oils and energy

  • mind and body hacks for energy

  • yoga nidra

  • relationship health

  • meditation for high performance

Love the new ways of wellness for a new definition of well being informed by science, evidence, and practice. People who are walking their talk and living examples of wellness and vitality are potent leaders for a vibrant future. We can lift each other up, through our own deeply personal practices that keep us well, as well as our connections with others that remind us of a brighter, lighter, more integral way of life.

~ Dr. M.