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Mindfulness for Sleep and Stress

In this one hour workshop, you will learn how to use mindfulness to optimize your mental power, strengthen your motivation and improve your sense of reward. After reviewing the science behind the method, you will have time to customize a meditation technique specifically suited to you. Measuring benefits as to sleep and success will be discussed, with the option for follow up to refine your technique.

  • Learn how to relax, pause, enjoy, and how a quiet inner space optimizes your mind

  • Understand the science of mindfulness, why it works, and the relevant neuroanatomy and physics

  • Learn how to rewire your brain when limiting thoughts or behaviours distract you from success

  • Explore the agile nature of your imagination and how to use this for creativity, optimal focus, and to change the biology of your body and mind

Included: handout, booklet.

More about Dr. Maia Love:

Dr. Maia Love is trained in mindfulness, meditation, neuroscience, psychiatry, yoga, and addiction medicine. With an interest in high performance professionals, she has been leading mindfulness over the last seven years, including daily guiding clients, groups, and leading six retreats in the last year. Dr. Love’s technique rewire pathways in your mind to enhance success by creating a mental agility built on positive mental, emotional, and transcendent states.

"Offering mindfulness is part of my passion for creating positive atmospheres in the inner and outer world of your experience. I am fascinated by the internal landscapes you create both as measured biologically and through your consequent experience after applying certain mindfulness techniques. The intelligence and creativity that I see develop in clients and groups continually showcases the captivating brilliance that every person has within - such a powerful agent for change."

~ Dr. Maia

Space is limited to 10 people only. RSVP link to be posted soon, stay tuned.

This is a wellness event, for education only, not for treatment or diagnosis

Earlier Event: April 24
Mindfulness for Sleep and Stress
Later Event: October 26