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How to Prevent Burnout?

  • Vancouver General Hospital Vancouver (map)

Over 50% of professionals are burned out.

What is Burnout?

How do you prevent it?


Living vibrantly as busy professionals is a challenge. By understanding brain science, wellness science, current trends, the professional environment, and new techniques for healthy living, you can crack the code to a brilliant life.


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Join us at the first of the renewed talk series of BrainTalks@UBC.  Originally founded and directed by Dr. Maia Love in partnership with UBC and in coordination with the support of key individuals including Dr. Jonathan Fleming,  Dr. William Honer, and Dr. Max Cynader, this series is sparked by the passion of informing the public, professionals, and health care professionals, as to new trends in emerging medicine and health research. For doctors, the series is CME accredited.



For Health Care Professionals:

This April we have the pleasure of welcoming Dr. Marlon Danilewitz. Dr. Danilewitz has been involved in health care professional wellness and health both as a wellness officer and a researcher. His presentation includes beautiful visuals summarizing the current challenges facing health care professionals. 

For Professionals:

Dr. Maia Love will speak to burnout, burnout prevention, and new medical discoveries that can be used to recharge, re-connect, and be used daily for improved success at work and in your meaningful and valuable personal time. As a wellness and health professional, she will speak both to the Physician Health initiatives currently proposed by the CMA, as well as general approaches to mind clarity and work-life balance for professionals.

There will be a panel discussion at the end.

Key topics covered will include:

  • current general professional demands
  • potential costs to performance, wellness, and health
  • the neuroscience of stress and resilience
  • approaches to increase energy and clarity: evidence-based
  • current health care professional demands: evidence-based
  • benefits of mindfulness and changes to lifestyle: diet, exercise, relationships and the science related to the benefits of shifts in daily way of life

Please RSVP as space is limited. Although the lecture hall seats 200 people, we have sold out numerous times before.

Note: these talks are for wellness and prevention, and not to be taken as medical advice; please talk to your medical professional for any medical or psychiatric inquiries.


Dr. Marlon Danilewitz

Dr. Marlon Danilewitz

Dr. Maia Love

Dr. Maia Love

BrainTalks poster by Cassie McRae from past BrainTalk with Dr. Andrea Grabovac

BrainTalks poster by Cassie McRae from past BrainTalk with Dr. Andrea Grabovac