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Clear Focus: The Beauty of a Healthy Brain

What makes the mind crystal clear?


What makes the mind crystal clear, the senses sharp, the navigating power of the brain optimal and high performance?

How do we recharge, reboot, and renew our mind with key relaxation exercises?

For the busy professional, finding time to unwind and recharge mental capacity is key. Making this time effective and efficient can be improved with a better understanding of the science of the brain, mind, and happiness.


Brain Circuits Image by the Human Connectome Project

Brain Circuits Image by the Human Connectome Project

We are living in the exciting age of leaps and bounds in understanding brain health and mental clarity. At the same time, the business of wellness and prevention is increasing rapidly, with people exploring changes to diet and lifestyle, trying mindfulness and yoga, to adapt to the stresses of our times. How do we synthesize wellness and brain science to create optimal mental clarity?

In this Connect Health Dialogue, I will lead you through some of the recent advances in brain and wellness science.

During the Dialogue, you can try to access several brainwave states that improve mental clarity via brief guided mindfulness exercises. How to support your brain and mind through exercise, diet, and lifestyle will be discussed, including recent studies in happiness research and tenets from areas of functional medicine.

Understanding burnout, and traits of anxiety or mood changes that interfere with success in busy professionals, for your self or your spouse, will be talked about so that you can thrive with vitality, energy, and resilient love for your life and loved ones. The benefits of yoga and meditation, wellness psychotherapy and mindfulness, in improving your well-being and santosha, or fulfillment in life, will be touched on.

The intention is that, after the Dialogue, you will have a list of key approaches, skills and tools, and actionable items, to improving your mental clarity and your life as a whole. 

This is a free event.

Please RSVP with Client Services as space is limited.

You can sign up for all three months or join a single session.

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