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White Hot YHot Yoga



White Hot YHot Yoga

Join me for a hot yoga class. Sweat, detox, and strengthen. 


Hot Yoga is a type of yoga practiced in heated rooms. Heat has a long history of being part of healing practices, and yoga is now recognized as a potential preventative strategy for physical and mental imbalance.

The combination of both heat and yoga creates an environment where the body and mind can beautifully unfold and sync together.


The benefits of prolonged sweating are believed to be detoxification, illness prevention, better skin health, increased physical perseverance, and improved physical focus. Ancient traditions from around the world also believe that a spiritual purification occurs.



When you sweat, you rid the body of toxins. Studies show that many toxic elements are preferentially excreted through sweat. Bisphenol A and phthalates, chemical compounds linked to disease (phthalates are endocrine disruptors), was found to be released in sweat even when it was not detected in blood or urine testing. The study of sweat analysis and applications for health is part of "metabolomics" which is a filed that informs the new more molecular field of Precision Medicine.

Sweat also carries common body chemicals out of the body: salt, amino acids, decarboxylic acids, and metabolites like uric acid, tyramine, inosine, choline.


Preparation for Class

Ensure to hydrate before and after, include salt in your diet that day, and consider an electrolyte hydrator or trace mineral supplement. Trace minerals exist in whole foods such as lemons, watermelon, cucumber, so you can add these to water to increase nourishment to your system. If you feel dizzy or lightheaded or nauseated during a class, lie down on the mat and your teacher will come over and assess how you are. Do not leave the class without first talking to the teacher, as you could faint and this could lead to a more serious injury. However, you are unlikely to faint or suffer.

Instead, invite yourself to feel your Strength, your Determination, you body moving, your mitochondria energy batteries getting a Recharge, and a Rinse of things you no longer need, physically + emotionally + mentally!

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Hot Yoga Class
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