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Wellness+ Athletic Retreat

Located in the UNESCO Biosphere surrounding Tofino, British Columbia, this one week retreat immerses you in a world of stunning beauty as you refine your physical form and deeply restore on a cellular level.

Do you want to feel better, sleep deeper, boost your fitness level, and experience the power of wilderness to reset your body mind and spirit? We set the stage for optimal physical fitness in this wellness and fitness week. Our program deeply reconnects you to your core motivation to empower your athletic physique for long term success.

Our team of experts align your body and mind to key principles and practices for optimal fitness and wellness. We guide you through the rich oxygenation and restorative nature of deep forests, dramatic beaches, high mountains, and ocean sports. Fitness assessment and ongoing training advance your physical skill. Mindfulness via yoga and meditation unfold deep relaxation to balance the athletic glow of wilderness activities. Cooking classes teach you skills to create gorgeous internationally-themed meals with high nutritional value.

Evidence-based science guides your personalized action plan for future fitness and wellness, with the option for follow up sessions no matter where in the world you live! Join us to see a brighter healthier more brilliant you.


The Homestead Tofino is an all-inclusive fitness and wellness retreat located in spectacular Tofino, British Columbia.  Our health care team is committed to seeing you through to those achievable lifestyle changes that improve your nutrition, kick-start or advance your fitness training, put serenity back into your life and motivate you for the long term using evidence based practices.


Your Package Includes:

  • Seven nights accommodation at a West Coast waterfront lodge
  • Three meals per day and snacks to keep you energized for all activities
  • Guided canoe excursion with local First Nations
  • Stand Up Paddle Boarding lesson and tour
  • Daily Guided hikes with the breathtaking backdrop of Tofino, BC
  • Cooking lessons teaching you how to prepare and cook healthy meals
  • Group Fitness sessions to improve strength and cardiovascular health
  • Evidence-based guidance for all aspects of health and wellness
  • Guided Yoga practice with a stunning view of the ocean
  • Relaxation Massages
  • Mindfulness sessions to create space and clarity

A day at The Homestead Tofino:

Recharge your mitochondria for optimal energy and to build athletic endurance:

  • 7am — Breakfast Smoothie
  • 8am — Ocean View Yoga
  • 9:30am — Breakfast
  • 10:30am — Stand Up Paddle Boarding Trip
  • 12 Noon — Lunch
  • 1pm — Guided Hike through Temperate Rainforest
  • 5pm — Cooking Lesson and Nutrition Talk
  • 6pm — Dinner
  • 7pm — Relaxation Massage
  • 8pm — Free Time, Social, Hot tub
  • 10pm — Sleep
Earlier Event: June 25
Later Event: September 17
Physician Wellness + Renewal Retreat