Healing Meditation


healing meditation


First find a place where you can be still and not interrupted . . .


Close your eyes, or gaze down softly in front of you. 

You may be sitting, or lying down if you can stay awake.

Bring your focus to the breath, the inhale and the exhale, and any spaces in between.

Next notice your body, and how it is in space, how it is anchored to the earth by gravity, how there is also a natural energy, a lightness, that lifts your body up.

Feel your life force energy. The hum, the vibration, or sense in your mind's eye the energy of your body like a star that glows from the very centre of you, outwards.

Bring your mind back to the breath. With each inhale, relax. With each exhale, relax. Invite your body and mind and heart, to relax more and more deeply, and notice with curiosity, what actually happens. With complete acceptance, without judgment, notice what happens when you invite your being to relax.

Now, bring your attention to an area that feel tight or blocked. Let the breath flow into this area, perhaps inviting the area to get brighter, lighter, more relaxed, healthier.

In your mind's eye, see that area of your body like a blueprint for an architect's plan. Notice the detail in the structure of the body in that area. Where are the lines of cells? Where is the blood moving through? How does it feel? Is there anything that this area of the body wants to tell you? Is there a life lesson or a teaching in this area? See if there is something that you can learn and then absorb the wisdom into your heart.

Now begin to imagine that any stagnant, dark, or blocked energy, is being lifted off that area of your body. See it diffuse out of your body and into the air, being taken up by the light of the sun, or falling down into the earth. Imagine the most beautiful hands of light lifting the dark areas out of your body. 

With the least bit of effort, simply paying attention, and focusing and re-focusing, continue to allow the dark areas to dissipate.

Now, in your mind's eye, imagine the lines of the architecture of your body hold, on another parallel quantum level, lines of vibrant and beautiful brilliant new healthy cells. Imagine these beautiful bright cells coming off the architectural framework and being knit into the very structure of your body. So that your body is glowing with health and vitality, in that specific region.

Be curious what happens if you simply put your effort into maintaining your focus on this, and observe in your imagination and in your mind's eye, what happens. Notice if that part of the body starts to glow a little more.

Continue this until you feel content.

Open your eyes and be curious as to how the rest of your day will unfold.


The above is not a medical treatment, nor specifically a mindfulness practice, but rather a guided meditation to explore when feeling anxiety around areas of the body and their health.