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The services provided by ILLUMINE® are not meant to replace medical services or naturopathic or other services.  By requesting a session, or taking a class, workshop, or being part of a retreat, the participant releases ILLUMINE® and Dr. Maia Love and any associated parties from any and all liability and responsibility.  ILLUMINE® represents a wellness and prevention business operated by Dr. Maia Love Incorporated with associate copyright and trademark in Canada.



Private sessions are paid in advance. Payment processes at associated locations are as detailed under their services.


Cancellations & Refunds

Cancellations are accepted 14 days, or 2 weeks, in advance.  Refund is a full amount minus a 15% processing fee.  If cancelling after that date, the full fee is forfeit to respect the space lost to others, unless you re-book. You may re-book once or twice. If you re-book a second time and then cancel, the full fee is forfeit without refund. When booking with associated locations, cancellations & refunds are as per location.



Confidentiality is strictly adhered to, to protect client privacy, and out of great respect for the sacred process of self development.  However, when communicating on skype, phone, email, or paypal, the secure privacy of the connection can not be guaranteed.  By communicating via these ways, you release Illumine and Dr. Love of any and all responsibility for the level of security available through these services.