Dr Maia Love
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Psychiatric Consult


A Psychiatric Consult is an opportunity to review ways to achieve success in your life - in relationships, career, lifestyle, or sense of purpose. If stress is impacting your sense of mental agility, understanding how to optimize your mind for better performance may be your wellness interest. If you may wish for psychiatric support for treatment and to see if services are covered under the provincial health system, the consult reviews sleep and anxiety to determine if there is a diagnosis. A Psychiatric Consult is ensure that you receive services suited to you, and the doctor-client relationship is clear.


Individual Mindfulness


Learn how to re-design the mental maps in your brain to create a life more aligned to your true self, your dream life, and your core sense of happiness and joy. As we move through the ten sessions, you learn more about the science of your brain and nervous system - how the architecture and physics of this intricate biology impacts your daily life and abilities. The Individual Mindfulness Program is for wellness or treatment, for clients with or without a diagnosis.


Wellness Science


Wellness Science is for those without a diagnosis, espcially for those seeking to prevent burnout. Wellness Science is the science of how you optimize diet, exercise, mindfulness, the mind body connection, emotional intelligence, relationships, and a connection to something greater. The sessions support high performance working professionals to achieve greater vitality, energy, and adaptability. The Wellness Science Program is for clients without a psychiatric diagnosis who desire greater well being and optimal performance.



Mindfulness-based psychotherapy can be suited for people who wish to have deeper self awareness or improved success and don’t have a psychiatric diagnosis. Mindfulness-based psychotherapy can also be used for treatment. For clients with a diagnosis requesting a consult, diagnoses in question appropriate to these specialized consult services are mild anxiety, adjustment disorder, insomnia, or grief reaction. Diagnoses of exclusion and thus not the best use of your time for a consult and thus making a consult unavailable, are as follows: psychosis, bipolar disorder, substance use disorder, moderate to severe depression, and Cluster A or B personality disorders, and / or moderate to severe personality disorders. Exclusion criteria includes clients with a history of harm to self or other, a criminal record, ongoing legal matters such as ICBC claims or disability or IME requests or related legal matters, unstable housing or finances, or requiring urgent psychiatric or medical care. Services are available in English only.

All appointments are on a non-urgent basis. Note that Dr. Love has a limited practice. If you have urgent concerns, please contact your family doctor or nearest hospital.